Store Closure FAQs


Store Closure Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Why are you closing?
A: We are closing our brick-and-mortar store due to family health reasons.

Q: When will you be closing?
A: We will close the doors by the end of December 2016.

Q: Is someone else purchasing Sew Happins?
A: If you are interested, come talk to us.

Q: If I purchased a machine from Sew Happins, will my warranty still be honored by BERNINA of America?
A: Yes, BERNINA absolutely stands by their products and warranty.

Q: What if I have a gift certificate or store credit?
A: Come in and spend it before we close. After that, it is no longer valid.

Q: Why are all sales final?
A: We are closing and cannot take merchandise back. We have always had a no return policy on cut fabric, patterns, feet, thread and books, so this is not a big change.

Q: Will your store fixtures and furniture be available for sale?
A: Yes, unless otherwise marked. These items available in December for pick-up at the end of days. All items will be cash and carry. We cannot provide delivery services.

Q: Can I get my machine serviced prior to Sew Happins closing?

A: Machine services provided after November 1, 2016 by priority:

1. First year warranty COA
2. Warranty repair
3. BERNINA machine service by appointment ONLY, when available
4. Other Brand machines will no longer be accepted for service.

Q: Will you still be offering Long-arm Quilting Services?
A: As previously published, October 31 was the cut off for quilts due by Christmas. Speak with Sarah for projects after December 2016.

Q: Will you still be offering your advertised classes?
A: Yes – please see our calendar.

Q. Will my beginning quilting class continue?
A: Yes – both of our beginning quilting classes will continue and end as scheduled.

Q: Will you still be having your monthly end of bolt sale?
A: No – we won’t but we will be having other shop closure sales.

Q: Will I still be able to come to Friday Open Sew?
A: November 18th will be the last Friday Sew get together so come on out. We will terribly miss our Friday Ladies!

Q: What will happen to the Modern Quilt Guild and ASG?
A: We have enjoyed and been happy to provide a meeting space for these two wonderful groups for years and we know that a new space will happen for them soon.